Many many years ago, there lived a king who efficiently ruled his vast kingdom.

He was able to administer his kingdom efficiently because of his wise minister, who guided and advised him wisely.

One day as the king sat lost in deep thought, the minister asked, “What is it that troubles you, My Lord?”

The king said, “I am thinking what thing has the greatest strength and power.”

The minister said, “Unity, My Lord. Unity has the greatest power and strength.”

“How can you say that?” asked the king.

The minister said, “Let me tell you a story. There was once a snake who was very poisonous.. He lived in a tree hole.”

“Neart that tree was a termite hill and some distance away was an anthill.”

“The ants managed to keep away from the snake, but sometimes the snake ate the termites.”

“One day the cruel snake decided to enter the termite hill, wanting to eat the termites. But when he entered, he got stuck in the narrow hole of the termite hill.”

“When he tried to attack them, all the termites together began to bite the snake. Somehow the snake got out of the termite hill. But some termite were still stuck on his body.”

“He freed himself from them and crawled some distance away. He now laid down outside the anthill, crying in pain.”

“The ants saw that the snake was lying near their anthill. They knew that the snake was a vile fellow. He could harm them. So they quickly called all the soldier ants. They decided to attack the snake together, knowing that unity is the greatest of all powers.”

“The joint effort of the ants enabled them to defeat the long and strong snake successfully.”

“This story shows that unity has a lot of power. These tiny creatures could kill the huge and poisonous snake only because of their unity.”

The king said, “Yes, you are right. The strength and power of unity is incomparable.”

The minister said, “A country or family which has unity will surely be stronger than the country or family in which people fight with each other.”

“Very true,” agreed the king.

The minister said, “A king will be happy if all his people are united. But if they fight, the king will be extremely unhappy.”

The king said, “The role of a king is very important in brining about a feeling of unity and brotherhood among his people.”

The minister said, “A king should be strong and wise to keep his people united. People should be united like beads in a necklace. A king who succeeds in unifying his people, undoing the divides between them, is a successful king.”

The king said, “I am fortunate to have you as my adviser. I have understood that divided we fall and united we rule. I will keep this in mind and try to keep all my subjects happy and united.”

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