Many years ago, there lived a king who was very fond of eating venison.

He woud often go to the forest to hunt down deer. However, there was one deer in the forest that the king had given strict orders never to kill. It was a beautiful golden deer.

Every day the king hunted a deer or two and had its meat cooked.

Then one day the golden deer came to the king and requested him not to come to the forest to hunt them down.

The king agreed to his request but only on the condition that every day a deer would be sent to him.

When the golden deer gave the message of the king to his herd, they thought that it was better to send one deer to the king each day rather than have two or three of them being mercilessly hunted down and many others seriously injured during the chase.

Next day, the golden deer came to the king to be killed. The king’s men knew that this deer was not to be killed, so they informed the king about it.

The king came out of his palace and told the deer, “We will not kill you. Send another deer.”

The golden deer said, “I am the king of my herd, and it is my duty to protect my subjects till my last breath.”

“No, I won’t kill you. You are precious to us.” said the king.

“Is it my golden colour that makes me special?” asked the golden deer.

“Yes,” said the king.

“What kind of a king are you for whom only the colour of skin is important? Isn’t life precious to you. You are ready to spare me because of my colour but not for the fact that we animals too feel pain like men. Each deer of my family is precious because life throbs in each one of them. So what if they don’t have a golden coloured skin?” said the golden deer.

The king recognised the truth of the deer’s words. He said, “You have taught me a great lesson today. I shall always be grateful to you. From today onwards no animal will be killed in my kingdom.”

The king thanked the deer for making him realise that every creature in the world is special and deserves to live because God has bestowed it with life.

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