A king was very famous for his benevolence. He used to donate a lot of money to the needy.

One day, a young man came to him. The king felt that he should test the young man before helping him.

The king helped those who were old and sick, but this man was young and healthy. He also gave money to those who were very learned and clever, but this man had not proved his intelligence.

The king thought, “I must test this young man before helping him.”

So he said, “The sun god stops me from giving anything to you, and I always obey the sun god.”

“So will I get nothing, My Lord?” asked the young man.

The king said, “Till the sun shines, I am sorry, I cannot give you anything.”

The King pointing to the sun
The king pointing to the sun

Hearing the king’s reply, the disappointed young man walked away.

After a few days, he went to the king again. The king gave the same answer, “Till the sun shines, I cannot give you anything.”

The man repeatedly tried to get a job so that he would not have to live on charity. But he failed to get a job anywhere.

He went to the king once again, and the king again pointed at the shining sun.

This happened many a times. Whenever the young man came, the king would point at the sun and would not give him anything.

One day, the young man came with folded hands and asked for some help. As usual, the king pointed towards the sun. But that day there was no sun!

“Today is a solar eclipse, My Lord,” said the young man.

The king looked surprised.

“That means the sun will not show up for sometime, ” continued the young man. “So whatever you want to give me, you can give now as the sun is not shining. Now the sun god cannot stop you from giving me anything.”

The king burst out laughing, saying, “Now you have proved your intelligence.”

He then took out this necklace and gave it to the young man.

The king gave necklace to the young man
The king gave necklace to the young man

The king said, “This necklace is a reward for the cleverness you have shown. Well done!”

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