The love between King Crow and his wife was such that they spent all their time together. They even went to look for food together.

One day while searching for food, the Queen Crow looked into a window.

It was the window of the kitchen of the Human King. The cook was making food for his king.

The Queen Crow saw the wonderful dishes and wanted to have the delicious human food.

Next day, her husband said, “Come on. Let us go and get some food.”

The Queen Crow said to her husband, “I will not go to look for dirty worms. I want to eat food like the Human King eats.”

The King Crow knew that it was very difficult to get such food. While he was thinking, one of his ministers came and asked him, “My Lord, why are you so worried?”

The King Crow said, “My Queen wants food from the kitchen of the Human King. I hate to say ‘no’ to her.”

King Crow telling about Queen Crow wish to his minister.
King Crow telling about Queen Crow wish to his minister

The minister said, “Don’t worry, My Lord. I will try to get that food for the Queen.”

“I hope you get the food,” said the King Crow, much pleased with his minister.

The minister made a plan to get food from the royal kitchen of the Human King.

The clever minister had seen that the cook always took the food through the courtyard.

His plan was to make the cook drop the food in the courtyard. To accomplish his mission, he took eight crows along with him.

When he saw the cook carrying a plate of rice and fish, he instructed four crows to carry the rice place in their beaks and the other four to pick up fish in their beaks.

The minister said, “Once you get the food, go straight to the Queen and give her the food.”

The plan was set, and as soon as the cook was in the middle of the courtyard, the minister of the crows flew down and dashed into the cook.

The cook lost his balance and the plate of rice and fish fell down. The eight crows immediately swooped down.

Following their plan, four crows took the rice and the other four crows picked up the fish, and they all flew away.

Crows working according to their plan.
Crows working according to their plan.

The Human King had been standing by the window and had witnessed all that had happened. He shouted to the cook, “Catch that crow!”

The cook caught the minister of the crows before he could fly off. He took the crow to the angry king.

The Human King asked, “Why did you wnat to steal from my plate?”

The minister crow said, “Oh King of Humans, I was only doing my duty. My Queen wanted to taste the food of humans.”

He told the whole story to the Human King. The Human King asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I might punish you?”

The minister crow said, “No, My Lord. I am the minister of the King Crow. I only did my duty and for that even if I get punished, it does not matter. My duty comes first.”

“Seeing your sense of loyalty, I wish to reward you. I will set you free, and your king and queen will be given royal food from my kitchen. The rest of the crows will also be given food from the royal kitchen,” said the Human King.

When the minister went back, he saw his king and queen happily eating the food from the royal kitchen.

The King Crow and the Queen Crow enjoying their food.
The King Crow and the Queen Crow enjoying their food.

He was pleased to see them enjoying their food. He had indeed performed his duty well.

The King Crow and the Queen Crow praised their minister for his intelligence and courage in accomplishing his duty.

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