A stag lived in a forest. His sister brought her son to him and said, “Brother, my son is fearful of everything around. Please train him so that he too becomes brave and clever like you.”

A stag and her sister with her son
A stag and her sister with her son

Under the able guidance of the stag, the young deer soon learnt all the tricks of protecting himself from the dangers in the forest.

As he learnt one trick after another, he was no longer afraid of anything and became very confident of himself.

Then the stag took the child back to his sister. Once he was back home, the child went to meet his friends while his mother and uncle sat for a tete-a-tete.

Suddently one of the child’s friend came running. He told the doe, “Your son has been caught in a trap!”

The doe got very worried on hearing this. On seeing his sister’s eyes full of anxiety, the stag said, “Sister, you cannot look after your child all the time, He has to manage on his own.”

“But what if he is not able to come out of the trap himself?” asked the doe.

“Today is the test of all that I have taught him. Let us see if he can manage alone,” said the stag.

“We’ll go there, but we’ll help him only if he cannot manage alone,” he added.

They ran to the place where the child was caught in a trap. On reaching that place, they hid behind the bushes.

The child deer caught in the trap
The child deer caught in the trap

All this while, the child had been crying, “Oh Mother, help me! Oh Uncle, free me from this trap!”

Then suddenly he thought, “Why am I crying?” My crying will not help me in escaping from the trap. I must think cleverly.”

Now he tried to remember all his uncle had taught him. His uncle had told him to lie very swiftly and quietly when caught in a trap. So he stiffened his body, to be dead.

When the hunter came, he saw the deer in the trap and said, “Wow! We can have a feast in the evening.”

When he went closer, he noticed the deer’s stiff body. He said, “Oh! This deer is dead. Its flesh would surely get spoiled by the time I reach home.”

“I must cook the deer right now. But for cooking him, I must get firewood,” thought the hunter.

The hunter went up to the deer and removed the trap. He then turned around to pick up the firewood lying around.

Sensing an opportunity, the deer ran away and the hunter was left standing, surprised and shocked.

Escape of  the child deer from the trap
Escape of the child deer from the trap

His mother and uncle were really happy to see that their child had been able to free himself from the trap without anybody’s help.

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