A young man went from the countryside to the city to earn money.

He was sitting on the pavement when he heard an old man talking to another man.

The old man said, “A man should be so wise and intelligent that he can start a business even with that dead rat lying there.”

Saying this, the old man walked away with his companion. What the old man had said had a great impact on the young man. So, he went and picked up the dead rat.

He sat down under a shed in a corner of the street with the dead rat before him trying to think how he could start a business with it and earn profit.

Suddenly, a cat came running towards the dead rat. The cat was the pet of a rich man. The rich man went up to the young man and said, “It seems my cat wants to eat your dead rat. Will you sell this dead rat to me?”

Young man selling the dead rat to the rich man

The young man happily sold the dead rat. In return, he got a paisa.

Now he thought about what he should do to increase his money. An idea struck him. With the money the rich man had given to him, he bought a pot full of water and some sweets. He then went to the road near the fields.

When some flower pickers were coming back from the forest, he gave them some water and a sweet each. They had no money, so they gave him a bunch of flowers each.

Photo 2 From Rags to Riches
Young man selling garlands outside temple

He made garlands of those flowers and went to the temple. There he sold the flowers and earned eight coins.

Next day, he again bought sweets and water again, but this time he went to the farmers. He gave them some water and a sweet each. When they wanted to give something in return, he said that he would take it later.

One day a storm came and the young man thought, “So many leaves and branches are breaking due to the storm. How can I earn money from them?”

He went to the royal garden where he saw the gardener who was looking very worried.

The gardener said, “I don’t know what to do. The king is soon going to make a visit to the garden, but the garden is full of dry leaves and broken twigs.”

The young man said, “I can help you if you let me keep the broken branches.”

When the gardener agreed, the young man went to some children playing nearby. He promised to give them sweets if they helped him in removing the broken branches from the royal garden.

The children helped the young man in removing the branches and the leaves, and in return, the young man gave them sweets.

Photo 3 From Rags to Riches
Children helping the young man

A potter came to the young man and asked him to sell the broken branches to him. The young man sold the branches to him and earned sixteen coins. 

While the young man was walking down a street, he heard two people talking. He learnt from them that a horse dealer was bringing five hundred horses to the city to sell them.

The young man then went to the farmers and said, “You had promised to give me something. Now is the time when I want you to fulfill your promise. I want a bundle of grass from each of you and the promise that you will not sell grass to anyone else.”

The five hundred farmers gave him a bundle of grass each. Now he had five hundred bundles of grass.

When the horse dealer came to the city, he did not find grass for his horses. 

He then went to this young man and bought all the grass from him. This transaction earned him a thousand coins. He was very happy now.

Few days later, he heard that some merchants were coming to the city through the sea route for trading.

Wearing rich clothes, he went to the sea shore early in the morning and bought all the goods from the merchants.

When the rest of the merchants came, they had to buy from the young man at an increased price.

He earned a hundred thousand coins from this transaction. He took half his profit and went to the old man whose advice had helped him earn so much wealth.

He told the old man his story and said, “It is because of you that I earned so much money and became rich. I have come to give you a part of my wealth. Take it. This is your well-deserved share.”

The old man thought, “This young man is an honest and clever businessman, or else he wouldn’t have come to give me half his wealth.”

The old man said, “Come young man! I would like you to meet my daughter.”

The young man met the old man’s daughter and fell in love with her. The girl too fell in love with him.

If the young man was handsome and wise, the girl was pretty and warm-hearted. They indeed made a wonderful couple!

One day, the old man asked him, “Will you marry my daughter?”

The young man married the old man’s daughter. And in this way, he even got the old man’s wealth.

Young man marrying the daughter of old man
Young man marrying the daughter of old man

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