Sukhram was a clever man. He managed his business very well and soon became very rich.

One day, the guard told Sukhram that a friend of his named Dukhiram had come to meet him. On hearing this, Sukhram ran to the door to meet his friend. When he saw his friend, he lovingly embraced him.

Dukhiram asked, “Do you still remember me? I thought you would refuse to recognize me because you have become rich while I am still poor.”

“Being rich does not mean that you forget your friends. Tell me how is everything with you, ” said Sukhram.

“I had a shop in the village, but it got burnt in a fire. Now I have no way to earn my living. I don’t know what to do.” said Dukhiram tearfully.

“You need not worry, Tomorrow you can start helping me with my work. But have something to eat first.” said Sukhram.

Sukhram embraced Dukhiram again and said, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Soon Dukhiram started helping Sukhram in his business. But there were some friends of Sukhram who felt that Dukhiram would cheat Sukhram.

Many of them warned him, “Don’t trust Dukhiram. He may cheat you of all your money.”

However, this didn’t make Sukhram lose his trust in Dukhiram. When he went away on business, he left his business under Dukhiram.

One day, Dukhiram was sitting near an open window, and he overheard some thieves who were planning to steal Sukhram’s wealth.

At that time, Sukhram had been out of town and Dukhiram was alone in the house with a few old servants. He knew that these old servants could not help him. So he thought out a plan.

He ran to the courtyard and gave the old servants some musical instruments from Sukhram’s house. He asked the old servants to play a tune on the instruments.

The thieves, who were planning to steal in Sukhram’s house, heard the music. The loud music gave the impression that there were many people in the house.

The leader of the thieves said to one of his men, “You were saying that Sukhram is not in town, but we hear music being played in his house. It seems that there are many guests in his house. I don’t think it is safe to steal here. Let us go. ”

Dukhiram was relieved to see the thieves running away.

Next day Sukhram came back, and the servants told him all that had happened. On knowing how Dukhiram had saved his wealth, Sukhram embraced him and thanked him.

From that day onwards, everyone trusted Dukhiram. And the bond of love and trust between Sukhram and Dukhiram deepened.

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